Website localisation

Localisation means culturally and linguistically adapting marketing and promotional material, embracing the cultural expectations of the corresponding target group.

We provide website localisation services to help you attract prospective clients, to help you generate revenue with your multilingual website. Using a multilingual website is a very powerful marketing tool.

You need to take cultural differences into account to understand how they can affect your audience. Localising your site goes a step beyond merely translating text to help you more effectively target customers in your desired markets.

To ensure great user experience, your local language websites must be truly customised for each market. Everything from the visuals to the layout to all the contents, no exception, must be localised.

Our commitment to professional excellence ensures the highest levels of quality in every localisation project we undertake.

We only and always use human translations.

With the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, machine translation is spreading like wildfire. However, machine translation will never – whether in the near or the far future – be able fully to grasp the linguistic and cultural nuances of each country, which a professional translator can interpret correctly and convey impeccably in the target language.

You need to be aware that machine translation is inherently inaccurate, it may do a reasonable job of getting your message across, but there is a high likelihood that the language will be literal if not awkward, as well as filled with grammar mistakes and multiple instances of incorrect word usage. So beware, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

Another caution: Since free machine translation offers such a poor user experience, it can impact your SEO rankings in the target language. Google rewards sites that prioritise the user experience, and penalises sites with thin or poorly-written content.  That means awkward, grammatically-incorrect translations just won’t cut it if you want users in your target language to be able to find you! That’s where we come in! One of the key attributes of a successful multilingual website is that it retains visitors in many countries. With localisation, we can help you guarantee your website provides an outstanding user experience, whatever the language.


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