Business and Marketing Translations

Translation and drafting of business letters, business offers, e-mails, invoices and marketing material

The internationalisation of a company is a particularly complex and challenging process.

To accompany our customers on this journey, our approach is to provide a tailor-made, bespoke service to accommodate individual needs.

In addition to the traditional sales and business translations of projects relating to price lists and catalogues, where we find it necessary and useful to share our terminology choices and a glossary with our customers, to manage projects consistently with uniform terminology, one of the most complex aspects is certainly the communicative one.

Indeed, marketing is one of the key elements of a company’s success, and it is vital that marketing and advertising translations are not only thorough and accurate, but also focused on the target. The effectiveness of an advertising campaign on a foreign market is based on knowledge not only of the local language but also of the culture and of the social and cultural realm in the reference country.

This is precisely why our team of translators is made up of professionals who each translate into their native language and whose goal is much more than literally transposing the original message, but rather conveying the intent of the original message in the target language. This can only be achieved through the use of human translations, which is what we have always done, refusing to use automatic translations.


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