We offer a variety of multilingual consulting services, including Concept Testing, which consists in providing customers with detailed feedback on proposed product names or product branding to ensure that the most appropriate solution for the target market is used.

I remember many years ago a faux-pas that one of our customers, a small household appliance manufacturer, would have made had he not consulted us in time. The idea was to call a set of bathroom scales “Foots”. Luckily, following a meeting with the Marketing Manager, we changed the name to Feet, thereby avoiding an embarrassing and definite failure.

All our consulting services are bespoke and entirely customised. Achieving total customer satisfaction is our number one goal, which is why we provide a tailor-made service for an impeccable User Experience.

Selling according to international business etiquette and using politically correct language is a must for any successful international business. Providing advice on how to do this is one of our strengths. Our international consulting services include:

  • Consulting on multilingual marketing and communication strategies aimed at Lead Generation;
  • Concept Testing services;
  • Advice for multilingual business negotiations;
  • Assistance and support for purchasing departments during negotiations with foreign suppliers;
  • Assistance and support from export sales departments;
  • Outsourcing Service: Assistance, coordination and direct running of a specific foreign market, in the form of a genuine remote “export department”.

All the above services can be managed REMOTELY using the latest technologies available to all.



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